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Before Your Intensive

What to Expect

Welcome to Elementsist,

We can’t wait to embark on your Elements Session where your vision is transformed into a brand worthy of a timeless legacy.
Before we embark on this journey together, please familiarize yourself with the upcoming process by reading through the essentials below and completing the 'Pre-Intensive Info Needed' form on this page.

Our Elements Session is an intensive, meticulously designed to forge your complete brand identity swiftly and effectively. By the time we commence, our team will have immersed themselves in deep research and creative exploration, guided by the strategy outlined in the Brand Alchemy Formula brief you've approved. 

Our goal? To craft a formidable brand presence poised for global influence, mirroring the ambitions you've dreamt of.

This process is dynamic, building momentum with each step. 

Our structured schedule ensures the delivery of all promised elements, balancing timely progression with the invaluable insights your feedback provides. We encourage your input at every stage, as each decision informs the next, ensuring a cohesive brand evolution.

Our journey together begins at 10am ET on Day 1 via Zoom, punctuality is crucial for maintaining our timeline.


Please fill out the following form no less than 7 business days  before the Intensive start date so we can make sure the project goes smoothly. (Please note the form will not save work to come back to, if you need time to gather the information, use a document to back up your work!)

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